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Charter cruises

Charter cruises

We wish you welcome on a cruise to the beautiful Porvoo archipelago. A charter cruise with your own ship is a lovely way of enjoying good company while admiring the beautiful scenery of the charming archipelago. The cruise can be combined with for instance good food and other programs. Even though the ships home port is Porvoo, we can sail to and from most public piers between Loviisa and Helsinki. Welcome aboard!

Cruise season 2020 is from May to September.

Charter cruise prices
Basic prices350€/hour
Waiting time and sailing without passangers150€/hour
One hour cruise450€/hour
Price examplesDurationPersonsPrice/personPrice
Cruise + coffee1,5 h3020 €600 €
Cruise + breakfast buffet1,5 h3023 €690 €
Cruise + dessert buffet1,5 h3025 €750 €
Cruise + salad buffet2 h3035 €1050 €
Cruise + fish buffet2 h3040 €1200€

These example prices are examples of prices starting from, and are including VAT.

Practical information about the vessel

Suvi-Tuuli is suitable for groups up to 70 people. For dining guests there is room for 42 persons in the lounge. She has a bar, café, toilet and sun deck. She is also equipped with wireless microphone, loudspeakers, PA -system and stereo.

Information about meals and beverages

Salad Buffet
Fish Buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Dessert Buffet

Do you have any questions? Please contact us for an offer!

You can reach us by phone between 16-20 o’clock
phone: +358 46 9511 869


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