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Enjoy the lovely August evenings on the Suvi-Tuuli!

Did the summer just pass by without a chance to enjoy our cruises?

We have added some additional weekend sailings. Now a chance to admire Sköldvik from the seaside on the departures at 18.00.

Charter cruises  for sale. Please contact us for an offer. More information about charter cruises can be found on the page Charter Cruises

Day         Time                Price                                                             Date
Elokuun aikataulu - Augusti tidtabell - August schedule

x  We sail this departure if a minimum of 6 adult passengers take part
y We sail this departure if a minimum of 8 adult passengers take part.

The cruises head downriver towards the sea. 1 h cruise turns back towards the harbour at Haikko Manor and  the 1,5 h cruise turns back somewhere between Haikko and Emäsalo, near Mäntysaari. 

Departure from Porvoo passenger harbour.

PS! Cruises can be cancelled due to bad weather or charter cruises.

Dogs are allowed on the sundeck.

The ship has a café with full alcohol licens, a toilet and a sundeck.

Kahvila - Café - Cafe
Kahvila & Baari

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